Cure Toenail Fungus with Oregano Oil

by Lora
(Missouri, USA)

Thank you for this website. What great information!

I agree with what you have written about the use of Oregano oil to cure an infection of toenail fungus.

This is exactly what i used and it cleared the infection up without any problems.
After the nail had grown a little i cut off the damaged part of my toenail and was left with nice clear and uninfected toenails.

I must admit i was a little upset after discovering i actually had toenail fungus, seeing parts of my nice clear nails turning a kind of opaque yellow was disturbing.

However, i read up about it and found that something like 20% of people will get this fungus at some point in their lives.

Also i found out that there are some natural cures in the form of oils that can kill the infection cleanly and without too much fuss.

So really it is nothing to be shocked or upset about, it happens to people all the time.

I remember i had read somewhere that the oil of Oregano had natural antifungal properties and if used directly on the infected part of the nail it would kill off the fungus.

So, i bought a small bottle, it cost aroung $5 or $6 and i started applying it to my toenails, i found that once a day was sufficient treatment even though my toenail fungus was really bad.

I got used to and quite liked the nice aroma from the Oregano oil, it is really refreshing and a nice clean type of smell.

I soon started to notice the difference.
The infection stopped spreading and the toenail stopped bulging up and thickening.

I continued with the applications until it was all gone.

I think the hardest part was waiting for the infected or discolored part of the toenail to grow out, but it really does work.

Thinking about some of the disorders of the skin and nails that we are subjected to it seems to me that nature has provided us with an answer or a cure to just about everything, all we have to do is get back to the natural way.

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