Childrens toenails
they are in your hands

Mother gently holding baby's foot

As parents we have the responsibility of ensuring our childrens toenails are well cared for.

To make sure they are cut and groomed correctly so they don't scratch themselves or that ingrown toenails just doesn't happen.

It can be a bit scary cutting your childs toenails for the first time but once you learn the right techniques and acquire the right cutters etc, it becomes second nature.

You can't be too careful with childrens nails, consider using childrens toenail clippers instead of the scissors.

It is probably best to take a look at our childrens toenails after bath time, while drying their feet and toes.

For babies and pre-school they will probably need their toenails clipping about once every 2 to 3 weeks, (not as much as fingernails).

Childrens toenails should be carefully clipped or cut 'straight across'. Never down the sides and never too short.

The toenail is there to protect the toe.

Cutting straight across will minimize the chance of developing an ingrown toenail. If the toenail does grow in then it is time to see a specialist, a Chiropodist or Podiatrist.

Do not try and remedy this yourself as it could lead to further problems.

Scissors, especially toenail scissors can look a little bit scary to a child, so, as we want to avoid any upset or any damage with scissors, (you never know when your child will kick out if they feel a little uncomfortable with scissors around their feet) it may best to wait until they are asleep to take care of any nail cutting.

Shoes too big After cutting a gentle brush over the cut edge with an emery board will remove any sharp edges.

We don't want them scratching themselves and it allows us to change their socks and clothes without them clicking on edges.

Your child will need you to look after their toenails until they are at an age whereby they can manage the task themselves, this is generally around the age of 9 or 10 years.

It is only then that they have the hand co-ordination required to cut nails accurately.

From then on supervise them regularly to make sure that the skills you have shown them are turned into good practice. As parents we can provide them with the right foot care that will ensure our Childrens feet can grow without restrictions, this again lessens the chances of an ingrown toenail.

Check out our Shoe size charts where you can find U.S, UK and European sizes with inches and metric measurements.

Encourage your children to wear sandals whenever they can.

Sandals offer good air circulation to the feet and toes.

Indoors encourage the use of slippers, especially if the floor is cold or rough.

The feet should be bathed often and dried with a soft clean towel under, between, and around all of the toes.

The importance of good toenail care during this period of the childs growth can not be overstressed.

Little girl at bathtime.

Use childrens foot powder to keep the skin soft and dry.

Or a foot cream if the skin is too dry.

At least once a day gently massage the cream or powder around the foot and toes as this helps blood circulation and is also therapeutic for your child's well being.

The feet are a sensitive part of the body and should be handled with great care.

mum and baby at bath time

Socks should be of a good natural fiber like wool, or cotton and should not be tight around the leg or the foot.

Shoes should be of good quality, leather being the best choice of material.

They should also be checked regularly for size and fit.

Check out the

Top tips Bath time is always a favorite with kids and they enjoy the attention and the care.

Childrens toenails,
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Taking good care
of your Childrens feet

It's wonderful to see the children taking their first steps

Babys first steps

As first steps are usually barefoot, we have to make sure they don't tread on anything that would damage their tender feet.

Or watch they don't stub their toes on something, it will bring some tears for sure.

We all know how painful it is, at any age.

Taking care of baby's feet and toes is something we just do. As time passes they appreciate the care we give their feet, a little massage while drying after a bath, cutting their toenails and removing the sharp edges.

All the while they are looking, they are learning from us.

So show them the right way so they can take of themselves when the time comes.

Toddler painting mums toenails

If we teach them the right things to do when cutting toenails, and teach them the right way to do it, and explain the reason 'why' it is the right way.

Then when the time comes for them to do it themselves, they will have learned some valuable lessons.

Mum and daughter

In fact we can do a little better than that as we can all have good fun along the way.

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