Find the Shoe Size
to match the feet and inches.

Ever so important for foot and toenail health are shoe size and the correct 'fit' of the shoe.

It just has to be the right size so that no pressure is exerted onto the sides o the feet and toes which may force them into an un-natural position.

If unsure please have the feet measured by a trained assistant.

The chart below lists the shoe size in inches and metric units.

  • Baby shoes
  • 0 to 12 months.

  • First time walking
  • 12 to 24 months.

  • Toddlers
  • 2 to 4 years

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Baby shoe sizes, Childrens shoe sizes

Size 13½"Size ½ 8.9cm Size 16
Size 23¾"Size 19.5cmSize 17
Size 2½4"Size 1½10.2cmSize 18
Size 34⅛"Size 210.5cmSize 18
Size 3½ 4¼"Size 2½10.8cmSize 19
Size 44½"Size 311.4cmSize 19
Size 4½4⅝"Size 3½11.7cmSize 20
Size 54¾"Size 412.1cmSize 20
Size 5½5"Size 4½12.7cmSize 21
Size 65⅛"Size 513cmSize 22
Size 6½5¼"Size 5½13.3cmSize 22
Size 75½"Size 614cmSize 23
Size 7½5⅝"Size 6½14.3cmSize 24
Size 85¾"Size 714.6cmSize 24
Size 8½ 6"Size 7½ 15.2cmSize 25
Size 96⅛"Size 815.6cmSize 25
Size 9½6¼"Size 8½15.9cmSize 26
Size 106½"Size 916.5cmSize 27
Size 10½6⅝"Size 9½16.8cmSize 27
Size 116¾"Size 1017.1cmSize 28
Size 11½7"Size 10½17.8cmSize 29
Size 127⅛"Size 1118.1cmSize 30

The Children shoot up so fast, it is often hard to keep pace with their demands for shoes, but keep up with them we must.

The need for shoes with sufficient 'toe room' is a must, check out the page on

Childrens feet

Little girl in big suit and shoes

The shoe sizes charts are designed to give a good idea of not just the shoe size itself but to be able to co-relate that size to inches or metric, whichever.

Also for those people who are constantly travelling and need some kind of reference point.

Children aged 4 to 12 years

Size 12½7¼ "Size 11½18.4cm Size 30
Size 137½"Size 1219.1cmSize 31
Size 13½7⅝"Size 12½19.4cmSize 31
Size 17¾"Size 1319.7cmSize 32
Size 1½ 8"Size 13½20.3cmSize 33
Size 28⅛"Size 120.6cmSize 33
Size 2½8¼"Size 1½21cmSize 34
Size 38½"Size 221.6cmSize 34
Size 3½8⅝"Size 2½21.9cmSize 35
Size 48¾"Size 322.2cmSize 36
Size 4½9"Size 3½22.9cmSize 36
Size 59⅛"Size 423.2cmSize 37
Size 5½9¼"Size 4½23.5cmSize 37
Size 69½"Size 524.1cmSize 38
Size 6½ 9⅝"Size 5½ 24.4cmSize 38
Size 79¾"Size 624.8cmSize 39

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Taking good care
of your Childrens feet

It's wonderful to see the children taking their first steps

Babys first steps

As first steps are usually barefoot, we have to make sure they don't tread on anything that would damage their tender feet.

Or watch they don't stub their toes on something, it will bring some tears for sure.

We all know how painful it is, at any age.

Taking care of baby's feet and toes is something we just do. As time passes they appreciate the care we give their feet, a little massage while drying after a bath, cutting their toenails and removing the sharp edges.

All the while they are looking, they are learning from us.

So show them the right way so they can take of themselves when the time comes.

Toddler painting mums toenails

If we teach them the right things to do when cutting toenails, and teach them the right way to do it, and explain the reason 'why' it is the right way.

Then when the time comes for them to do it themselves, they will have learned some valuable lessons.

Mum and daughter

In fact we can do a little better than that as we can all have good fun along the way.

Check out for the importance of Healthy Shoes