A Podiatrist can help

The definition of a Podiatrist is a person who deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all things to do with the foot.

Poiatrist in salon

It is a highly specialized work and requires study and examination for the student to reach a stage of qualification.

Then a certificate of competency will be awarded by the relevant medical authorities.

Perhaps more than this is the help and sound practical advice that qualified foot personnel can give.

Advice and treatment on all matters relating to the foot, toes, skin, bones of the foot, infections or cases of toenail trauma where there is toe pain Methods of prevention and rehabilitation are also key areas in this specialists training.

Some of the specialized subjects will include:

Toenail care This is a study of the toe and the toenail.

From the toenail of a baby to the elderly.

What toenails are, how they grow and what are their nutrients.

How the lack of nutrients will affect the nail, how to take care of them.

Correct cutting techniques, ways in keeping them healthy, surgery methods etc.

Listed below are links to pages on these subjects:

Ingrown toenail treatment

Many factors can be responsible for gaining the painful ingrown toenail.

They are all listed in the link above, however, poor fitting shoes around the toe area are the most likely causes.

The condition can also be gained simply by genetics and hereditary means.

Whichever is the culprit the condition must be dealt with and corrected.

This is where the training and skill of a Podiatrist or Chiropodist is worth its weight in gold.

The careful use of clippers, scissors, scalpel and other tools will remove the ingrown toenail without pain or damage to the skin of the toe.

My partner who is a qualified Chiropodist from Oslo, Norway spent many hours training with these tools on an Orange long before operating on an ingrown toenail condition.

Once dealt with the condition should be encouraged not to re-appear.

Again, a Podiatrist has the skill and knowledge to deal with these matters competently.

Toenail fungus treatment

This is a particularly common occurrence and affect a large percentage of the population.

There are medicines, oils, treatments, natural remedies and all to cure this condition many available over the counter.

However a Podiatrist or Chiropodist is a specialist in these matters and has studied this condition extensively.

It is known to be sometimes difficult to remove as the condition is embedded within the folds or layers of the nail.

The knowledge of a specialist in treating and removing this condition is invaluable and paramount.

He/she is trained to know exactly what method of treatment and what medicine, remedy, solution, oil or cream will cure each different toenail fungus condition.

Foot skin conditions, (Athletes foot) This, again is a common ailment and affect most people at some point in life. It is a fungal attack of the skin and it is usually caused by poor skin condition and general poor foot hygiene.

A podiatrist, in this case, will have also studied dermatology and its effects on the foot.

A trained specialist in the correct treatment of this condition and, arguably more important, an advisor on how to prevent the recurrence of the condition.

Verruca treatment

A verruca is a viral infection and appears as some form of wart, usually on the sole of the foot.

It is contagious and young children seem to be particularly prone to the infection.

As it is contagious it is advisable to have it correctly treated in a sterile environment, like a Podiatrists clinic.

A Podiatrist or Chiropodist is a specialist in this field and can safely remove the problem without damage to the foot or skin.

Hard skin

Hard skin can form around the foot especially around the areas of the heel, outsides of the foot sole, under some toes etc.

This can make life a little uncomfortable for the bearer.

The condition can easily be dealt with by scraping away the dead skin and treating the live skin with creams that will enhance and reform the look and feel of the foot.

The best one we have come across is Sole Solution by New Skin.

It quickly acts on the hard skin areas and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Click the 'Hard skin' link above for more info on the product.

Your local skilled and trained foot care professional who is certified in Podiatry can help with all of these problems and more.

It is wise to have a 6 monthly check up from your local specialist just to keep on top of things.

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