Nail Reading
Learn to read the signs

What 'Nail Reading' really means is 'Show me your nails and i will tell you how your health has been.

Knowing what the signs embedded within your nails mean can lead you to make the health or dietary changes that will ultimately change your overall health for the better.

Our nails take around 9 to 12 months to grow from the nail bed to the nail tip, nail reading allows us to see our health record over these past months naturally displayed on and within our nails.

For example, if we have been suffering from anemia our nails may show a pale color.

If we have white spots on the nails we could be suffering from a zinc deficiency.

Blueish tinted nails usually refers to a lack of oxygen within the blood this means that there could be something not well within our lungs.

There is so much health history stored within our nails you could probably write your own health book from it.

Here we are going to show you how to observe the signs and make the changes you need to get those

healthy toenails.

Healthy footwear

Ancient Greece, through the writings of Hippocrates (circa 400BC), is often given the title of 'Founder of modern day medicine'.

His understanding of the body is unparalleled, he stated that the nails provide early clues to health problems and diseases, and it was he who coined the phrase;

'Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food'.

A wise man indeed and we would do well to heed his words.

Common Nail Conditions

By looking closely at your nails and observing the condition that they are in we will be using nail reading to identify health issues.

Nail reading is an important part of observing how the body is adjusting to the dietary intake and also the functions of our internal body organs.

  • Blueish Nails : Is an indication that the body is not getting enough oxygen.

    The transfer of oxygen to the blood happens in the lungs therefore the condition of 'Blue Nails' would indicate that there could be something wrong in the lungs.

    This could be pneumonia, asthma, emphysema, an infection in the lungs or even a heart condition.

  • Black and Blue nails : This is a common occurrence and is usually an indication of heavy trauma to the toenail or fingernail.

    It can also be a result of frequent sports training where pressure is constantly and regularly applied to the toenail, causing toenail trauma

  • Pale or colorless nails : Is an indication of anemia.

    This is the most common of blood disorders and generally means that there is a decrease in the number of red blood cells.

    It can also be an indication of heart disease, liver infection, or vitamin or nutrient deficiency.

  • Small White patches :This is usually an indication that there is a deficiency of zinc in the body.

    This can be overcome by simply changing the diet to include foods that are high in zinc.

    Meat, oysters or shellfish, peanuts etc.

  • Spoon shaped nails : This can be an inherited condition or an indication of iron deficiency or trauma.
  • Horizontal lines or ridges : This is quite common and is generally taken as normal.

    However horizontal lines or ridges on the nail can be a result of severe stress or a psychological condition.

  • Vertical lines or ridges :This condition is linked with age.

    As we get older the vertical lines become more common, it can be linked to poor nutrition or iron deficiency, which would mean a poor overall general health.

  • Brittle or Dry Nails : Can be connected to the thyroid gland.

    Meaning it is not working as it should.

    If this dryness and brittle condition is combined with a yellow color then this can be Toenail fungus

  • Yellow nails : The most common reason for yellow nails is Toenail fungus or Nail fungus.

    There are cases which occur not very often that indicate a more serious condition like thyroid gland dysfunction or psoriasis.

  • Thick nails : Can be linked to Psoriasis, nail fungus or a severe trauma to the nail.

    These conditions will show on the nail more or less the same so the help from a professional would be needed.

  • Very soft, thin nails : This can be a nutrient deficiency, therefore increase the amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet.
  • Loose nail :Generally a sign of heavy trauma to the nail or bad nutrition.
  • Pitted nails :Pitted nails are nails that have lots of very small indentations in them, this can be linked to Psoriasis, malnutrition or a poor vitamin/nutrients intake.

    Often a change to a healthier diet will accomplish healthy toenails

  • White nails : Such an all over color change to the nails can indicate some serious internal problems and a doctors advice should be sought.

    White nails can be linked to a liver condition, poor blood circulation ie, a heart disorder, severe malnutrition, or kidney malfunction.

    However it is strongly advised to visit a doctor well before the whole nail turns white.

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Healthy Toenails
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Your toenails are healthy and in good condition when they are light pink in color.

Have a slight sheen to them.

Have a smooth surface free of lines or ridges or pitting.

Good healthy toenails, well groomed and pedicured are a pleasure to see and for the owner, a pleasure to show off.

Giving you the option of wearing open toed shoes or sandals, flip flops or just plain old barefoot.

See Healthy footwear.

Healthy toenails

Beautifully cut and groomed healthy toenails

Our toenails, or finger nails, are a good indicator of our present health condition.

They store and show our health record over the past 9 months or so. (the full growth of the nail).

They even give us warning of a possible forthcoming illness.

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Reading your Nails

391395_10 day cleanse

It is often the case that our overall health is determined by our eating habits.

Our consumption of the vital nutrients and vitamins that we need is displayed all about our bodies.

On our skin, hair, eyes, mouth, and nails.

All looking good when we have the right balance of nutrients and vitamins and all not looking good when our nutrients are off balance.

Yet our nails record these happenings wonderfully well and the information is stored on special files (called nails) at the end of our feet and fingers.

Fingernails and toenails alike will show and record within the nail our recent medical history.

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If our nails have a slight blue-ish tint for example, it suggests that not enough oxygen is being transfered within the body.

This could indicate a problem within the lungs, a lung infection or pneumonia.

Another example would be white spots appearing on the nails, this is often read as a deficiancy of Zinc within the body.

If you can imagine the nail, from base to tip being a record of the last 9 months of your health.

Then where the white spots are on the nail is an indication of when the zinc deficiancy was prevalent (the base of the nail being recent and the tip of the nail being 9 months ago).

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