New treatment for
Pain in Heel

No more painfulheel

People who suffer from Pain in Heel can now be offered an effective treatment to completely cure this very unpleasent condition.

Plantar Fasciitis is the medical terminology for this type of foot pain and the Plantar Fascia is the band of tissue in the foot that becomes damaged and inflamed.

The Plantar Fascia is a broad band of tissue which runs under the sole of the foot to the heel.

The Plantar Fascia is tough, it is there to protect the foot from bumps and shocks but sometimes it gets damaged, becomes torn and develops scars.

Foot pain or pain in heel is more common among females than males. This could be because of pregnancy where for 9 months at a time women carry much more weight.

This band of tissue can sometimes become inflamed by injury or by overuse and it is this which causes what is often described as a 'Sharp pain underfoot'.

Another desciption would be 'Like standing on a needle' or 'a sharp stone in my shoe'.

This very uncomfortable and painful condition is quite common and generally it affects aound 10% of the population.

The pain can become so sharp and intense it will often lead to you having to compensate or adjust your natural walking style or position.

Walking incorrectly can cause more foot pain or other injuries

Often people turn their feet inwards to have the outstep or side of the foot making contact with the ground to avoid the pain.

This usually only leads to other damage to the foot, the leg or the knee as the body becomes out of balance and takes on an un-natural walking position.

However until now the treatment used to cure a painful heel has either been relatively ineffective or taken too much time to recover.

Podiatrists can offer some relief of the pain in heel by advising softer insoles to be placed inside of the footware.

Also by recommending a good foot cream that will penetate to the Plantar Facia and relieve the inflamation and the tenderness.

Or, by placing the foot in a warmed bath and adding minerals from a foot soak recipe to soothe and relax.

These are all are good ways to relieve a painful heel condition, the professional person taking care of your feet is qualified and will supply you with the information relative to your specific condition.

Blood injections.

Blood injections for Pain in heel

The idea around this new form of treatment is :

The foot, being furthest away from the heart sometimes struggles to get sufficient blood flow and the plantar fascia notably has a poor blood supply.

Blood naturally contains all of the nutrients and chemicals and minerals to heal and repair our damaged tissues.

To inject a small amount (approx a teaspoonful) of you own blood to the area that is giving you this pain in heel would stimulate the tendon into healing itself.

This must, of course be done under medical supervision or performed by a qualified Doctor or Podiatrist but, as you can see it is quite a simple thing to do.

It would also be relatively inexpensive and it can show suprising results in just a few days.

The injection of blood to the 'pain in heel' area can be a little offputting as it will hurt for a short period of time however this is hugley outweighed by the end result.

Some people go for years with this condition as they do not respond to the creams or other treatments fo various foot conditions

Sometimes just resting the foot is not enough as the damage to the broad band of tissue that forms the Plantar Fascia has to be repaired.

If there is no blood supply to that area then a natural repair would probably not be possible.

The treatment

  1. The nurse will withdraw a small quantity of your own blood from your arm.
  2. The damaged part of the Plantar Fascia is found using an ultrasound scanner.
  3. The blood (approx 3ml) is injected near the damaged area to a depth of approx 20mm.
  4. Then just some simple foot exercises whilst the foot is off the floor to circulate blood and stretch the Plantar Fascia.

Other remedies for a painful heel

  • Execises for the foot can help as stretching and gentle oiled massage can help with blood circulation within the foot.
  • Pain killers, prescribed by you doctor can reduce and even eliminate the heel pain.
  • Foot bath or foot soak using Epsom salts, dead sea salts or other minerals can help heal torn or damaged Planta Fascia.
  • Soft insoles to shoes
  • Steroid injections have helped some, this would have to be recommended and treated by a Phyisician.
  • An operation or surgery on the Plantar Fascia.
  • Special footwear in the form of softer shoes and socks

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