Using Natural Remedies
to treat toenail infections

natural herbal remedies

Before today's medicine, natural remedies were used to take care of all health related problems.

All kinds of potions and remedies were used some would work well others not so well.

Vinegar has long been used as a treatment and remedy for many sprains, strains, breaks and infections.

It is also used to great effect as a

vinegar cure for nail fungus.

Nowadays vinegar solutions, herbs and essential oils still play a major role in curing disease and keeping healthy toenails.

There are some extracts from herbs and other plants/trees used for medicinal purposes that very are effective in the fight to kill or cure the fungus that attacks the toenail.

This toenail fungus is notoriously difficult to treat as the infection is buried between the layers of the toenail.

Making it hard for an oil or cream to penetrate.

Of all the remedies provided to us by nature three of them stand out to be the most effective.

Australian Tea tree oil

Oregano oil

Jojoba oil

All of the above three oils (jojoba being classed as a wax not an oil although having the form of an oil) have strong, natural anti fungal and antiseptic qualities, among other qualities.

They have been proven to work on fungal infections such as

toenail fungus also a good and proven treatment for athletes foot

These three natural remedies go back a long way in history.

The Persians using Jojoba, ancient Greeks using Oregano and Australian Aborigines using the Tea Tree.

The Indigenous Australian Aborigines used the bark of the Tea tree long before the oil was extracted.

The bark was used in the curing of infections, skin complaints, burns, even for withdrawing the sting of a scorpion.

Now, as are Jojoba and Oregano, the plants is harvested and the oil is extracted making the 'oils' a lot more potent.

Used against toenail fungus it should be applied to the infected nail twice daily.

Cleanliness is important here and feet should be washed in a mildly antiseptic foot wash prior to the treatment, with the use of clean socks after.

Barefoot is always preferable as it allows air to circulate around the toes.

These essential oils are strong and should not be used where there are open wounds or sores.

If in doubt always seek the advice of your Doctor. Chiropodist Podiatrist or Dermatologist.

Curing toenail fungus either by using natural products or other products will take some time, to be completely cured the toenail has to 'grow out'.

Meaning as the nail grows the part that was infected will eventuality reach the tip of the nail and finally it can be cut off.

A toenail normally takes around 10 to 12 months for a full growth from the nail bed to the nail tip

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