Oregano oil
a wonderful natural cure

Wild Oregano

Oregano oil one of natures special herbs.

It is indeed a herb with remarkable qualities, a 'giant' in the world of natural cures and remedies.

The plant is refined and turned into an oil and used with wonderful and rapid effect on skin diseases such as Athletes foot and rashes and other skin ailments.

Its medicinal value is enormous and is highly regarded in the medical world as a natural solution to many problems.

The qualities of Oregano oil include:

Antibacterial where it quickly gets to work killing off bacteria on the skin.

Anti inflammatory its properties for soothing and calming an inflammation are well known.

Antioxidant killing off the free radicals that would damage your body.

Antiviral Viruses can attack our immune system at any time, especially when we are weak, some viruses have become immune to certain modern drugs but they can not seem to cope with 'natural remedies' like Oregano.

The use of this remarkable herb dates back many years, in fact around 2500 years ago the ancient Greeks used both Oregano oil and the wild plant extensively.

The words Oros Ganos or translated 'Mountain Joy' given to us by the ancient Greeks has evolved into 'Oregano'.

Wild Oregano in Greece

Oregano grew wild and abundantly on the mountain slopes, it was used as feed for the sheep as it made the meat more tender and a great deal more tasty.

They gathered it and hung it in bunches in their homes as a natural insect repellent and air freshener.

They used it for medicine for skin complaints and as a calming herb.

They bathed in spas and waters that were specially prepared with it.

In fact, the herb was so important to their survival and way of life that the believed this special plant had been sent to them by the Gods.

It was widely believed that Oregano was the favorite of Aphrodite the godess of love.

How Oregano is used today

In today's world the uses of Oregano are not that much different to that of the ancient Greeks.

It was forgotten for a while but now its use as a natural cure and a natural healer is making a big comeback.

It is used as an anti inflammatory by Chiropodists to soothe and reduce the swelling from an ingrown toenail It is one of the best natural anti fungal remedies for Athletes foot and also is know as a natural cure for toenail fungus.

A special friend who has recently produced an extremely interesting website called

cleanse-me-healthy.com which, as her title sugests, is about curing by cleansing the body from the inside out.

It is very well written and it all makes absolutely perfect sense to me.

With reference to Oregano Lora talks of her personal use of the herb in oil form to clear her toenail fungus infection.

You can read the methods she used by visiting

Oregano, a home remedy for toenail fungus

Oregano is also used throughout the household for cleanliness, it wonderful aroma, and for its culinary qualities.

It is closely related to Marjoram and they both posses many of the same qualities, it is however a different plant.

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