Toenail Fungus Treatment
what is available and how to use it.

The term toenail fungus is not a very pleasant term, however this is a fungal infection and it does, sometimes seriously, affect our toenails so serious attention is required to find the

nail fungus cure that will work 'for us'.

By that i mean there may be different solutions for different people.

Whilst having this yellow toenail disease, showing our bare feet in public can be a touch embarrassing.

This leads us away from the healthy option of wearing open sandals or even going barefoot.

We find ourselves covering or hiding our toenails with socks and shoes and taking the least healthy way for our feet.

Toenail fungus is one of the most common type of

nail problems and is identified by a discolored, usually yellow toenail.

Often having a brown tint to it and also a thickening, sometimes flaking or scaling of the toenail.

The thickening of the toenail happens because the fungal infection lies buried between the layers of the nail, as the infection takes hold it expands the nail causing it to grow thicker and become 'yellow and flaky'

If one toenail is infected then the chances are that the other toenails will also have some degree of infection. Toenail fungus Nature has provided us with some wonderful natural remedies that can be used with great effect against nail fungus and can prove to work wonders in yellow toenail treatment.

Many people have used a

vinegar cure to treat the nail fungus with suprisingly good results.

However, the treatment can take some time to;

a, Kill off the fungus.

b, Regain clear nails that show no signs of the infection.

This is limited by the growth rate of the toenail, the fungus may be dead inside the nail but visually the toenail will look the same.

It is only as the nail grows from the base up that the new, uninfected nail (which should be a light pink in color) is visible.

Generally approx 9 months should see the worst infected part of the toenail grown out and cut off.

It is highly unlikely that the infection may have spread from a bad case of athletes foot

Both are fungal infections, they are of different types and are not generally passed from a 'fungal infection of the skin' to a 'fungal infection of the nail'.

Usually acquiring 'yellow toenails' is the result of the nail being 'open' to infection through being in poor health.

(ie, Not getting the right nutrients, vitamins or protein for healthy nail growth)

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The treatment of the nail fungus can differ from person to person, depending on many factors including the seriousness of the infection.

For an excellent website giving information on these treatments please visit Toenail Fungus Treatment Guide

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A fungal infection of the nail can initially be painless.

In fact sometimes it can take a good look at the nails before we realize we have the nail fungus bacteria embeded in the nail.

If it is left untreated, the infection can spread to all of the toenails and then it could develop into a painful experience.

The nail fungus is unsightly and can give off an unpleasant odor.

So it must be treated as soon as is observed or diagnosed.

There are various ways of toenail fungus treatment, and it is not only my opinion that natural remedies as a fungus cure can work very well with the majority of people.

Some people have used a mixture of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide with great results to kill the toenail fungus.

There are other methods and products available and most come highly recommended, though not all infections are similar and not all fungus is the same.

As the infection or the 'fungus' lies buried between the layers of the nail it takes a 'strong' or 'potent' formula just to reach it.

Filing down the surface of the nail a little so as to reach the infected area is often advised.

It is then that the anti fungal or antibacterial agents can get to work on killing off the infection.

There are many creams and lotions available over the counter that will kill the toe fungus.

As there are many strains of the infection, everyone may react differently to the medications.

It is not possible to state for certain which is the best.

One thing is certain, it takes time and patience to remove all signs of the infection so an early start in killing it off is recommended.

This link takes you to great information on a

toenail fungus remedy and a great website on Beautiful Healthy Fingernails.

Using Laser technology

Laser technology has provided us with a remarkable and exciting way of toenail fungus treatment.

It can kill nail fungus and the infection there and then within a half hour session.

This does not mean that the toenail will become immediately healthy.

It does mean that the toenail fungus treatment has been a success and the damaged part of the toenail will have to grow out. In its own time.

It is becoming more and more popular with laser centers for the treatment of nail fungus opening up around the world.

The treatment can be costly but it is always worth inquiring as to the cost.

It is a proven, efficient and very rapid way of toenail fungus treatment and an incredibly clean way of killing off the toenail fungus.

A toenail grows from the base up to the tip and can take one year to completely recover and for the infected or yellowed areas to 'Grow Out'.

Early treatment is strongly recommended in any case.

After initial treatment of the fungus it is advisable to employ a little preventative maintenance to keep the germ away, this can be done with natural products which i would recommend.

Spray the insides of your shoes with a nice fresh Oregano, or a nice lavender, both have anti fungal qualities and will resist further fungal attacks.

Bathe your feet in a very mild anti fungal solution or just add two small drops of Tea Tree oil to your foot wash water.

Always take a second opinion from your

Chiropodist or Podiatrist as the correct diagnosis is naturally of major importance.

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