Ways to Cure Nail Fungus

After being diagnosed with toenail fungus you need to know ways to cure nail fungus as the initial reaction is to get rid of it as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

The truth is that to cure nail fungus takes some time and application.

However, with diligent attention to detail, the right medical products to suit your condition and the realization that this will take some time.

You will cure this condition.

Toenail fungus is what it says it is.

A Fungus that lies within the folds of the nail.

This makes it notoriously difficult to get to with the medicine, cream or curing agent.

Therefore the curing agent needs to be sufficiently strong enough to get into the center of the toenail to cure the problem.

cure nail fungus

To enhance the effect of the curing agent and to speed up the cure it is wise to have the curing agent applied directly onto the fungus itself.

This can be done simply by using a nail file to remove the top layer of the nail and expose the nail fungus.

The fungus is generally yellowish in color, it will be slightly pungent and it will have made the nail appear a little like 'puff pastry'.

By that i mean it will have reacted with the layers of the nail, got inside each of the layers and lifted it or separated it from the other layers.

The fungus breeds in this way and spreads quite rapidly through the nail and onto other nails if it is left unchecked.

Curing Nail fungus using Laser

To cure nail fungus rapidly and without pain it is necessary to have the nail treated by Laser technology.

This is where a beam of light is focused on the infection.

The beam of light is omitted from a pen like instrument onto the fungus infected parts of the nail, moving the instrument slowly over all of the the infected parts of the toenail.

This should kill the fungus once and for all.

There is no immediate visual difference to the nail.

The old infected and damaged part of the nail has to grow out.

As the new toenail grows in, you will see clear, uninfected new nail growth.

The old damaged nail can be gradually cut off as you trim your toenails.

To cure nail fungus for good some lifestyle changes are needed.

This means eating a healthier diet and seeing that you are getting the right vitamins to support healthy growth of your nails.

Also, some preventative measures in the way of spraying the inside of your shoes with an anti fungal spray.

This will keep the fungus away and make your feet and shoes much more pleasant to the nose.

Treating Toenail fungus with Epsom salts

Epsom salts is not exactly salts but a pure mineral found naturally.

The Epsom salt minerals sulphate and magnesium, are readilly absorbed through the skin.

Sulphates help the body absorb nutrients while also flushing toxins.

Magnesium helps regulate enzymes and reduces inflammation.

To treat toenail fungus soak the affected toes in a mixture of warm water and a handful of Epsom salt 2 to 3 times per day.

Having first exposed the nail fungus by sandpapering the nail.

For other foot soak recipes please visit our page on foot soak

Other natural cures

There are natural remedies to cure toenail fungus, these come in the form of natural oils, and herbs and natural fibers.

One of the greatly used treatments is a vinegar cure

Tea tree oil, is a very special natural remedy from the bark of a tree common to Australia.

Oregano oil is an ancient anti fungal remedy collected locally from the Oregano plant.

This herb has been used by the ancient Greeks and older civilizations in the treatment of fungus of the skin and the nail.

Jojoba oil is another ancient remedy from the middle east and held in high esteem by the older civilizations of that area.

It is, in fact a quite remarkable oil (not classed as an oil but called an oil)with amazing qualities for the skin and the nails.

These are just some of the powerful natural remedies that are known to cure toenail fungus.

There are numerous creams, oils or ointments from the Pharmacy or over the counter that claim to cure toenail fungus, each is of different strengths and of different ingredients.

It would be improper of me to suggest one that would suit all therefore i would strongly advise that a specialist Podiatrist who is trained to know exactly what to recommend in each individual case.

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