Jojoba Oil
naturally antifungal

Jojoba plant

 Jojoba oil is an extact from the jojoba nut which comes from this quite amazing plant pictured to the right.

The Jojoba plant grows as a small bush and has a life span of around 200years although many plants live and produce this amazing natural oil for much longer.

What is more incredible is that it is found growing naturally in the deserts of Arizona, California and Northern Mexico. Native Americans have been using this plant for medicinal use for thousands of years.

Also Middle Eastern countries including/especially Palestine are well known for growing and producing the finest quality Jojoba oil.

2000 years ago Jojoba oil was used fequently at religious gatherings after washing feet Jojoba would be applied to moisturise and cleanse the skin.

The oil comes from a cold pressing of the Jojoba plant nut, it has an abundance of vitamin 'e' it doesn't oxidize, which means that it is stable and will last in your medicine cabinet for a long time without the need to replace it.

Jojoba oil properties

It also contains phospolipids which are known medically to promote healthy skin and hair.

So, perfect to promote healthy skin and healthy, toenails free of fungal infections.

It doesn't dry the skin as Tea tree oil sometimes can do.

The anti fungal elements in it are not as strong as tea tree oil nor are they as stong as oregano oil, however this oil of jojoba is much more mild making it perfect before and after a home pedicure .

A foot massage using oil of Jojoba is a wonderful experience and leaves the foot silky soft, and re hydrated with vitamins and minerals that are great for healthy feet and toenails.

It is held in high esteem within the pharmaceutical industry with cosmetics and of course the beauty industry.

This wonderful natural oil has a lovely clear golden color.

It doesn't have a smell or aroma of any kind and it is readily and inexpensively available over the counter in many health or beauty shops and drug stores.

Jojoba oil andsoap

As it is rich in vitamin 'e' it enriches the skin leveling out wrinkles, very rarely causing an allergic reaction.

It can be used on inflamed or 'sore' skin and its anti fungal qualities kill bacteria which are present in an infection of athletes foot.

It really is a fabulous natural antifungal oil which is easily absorbed into the skin to re-hydrate without blocking the pores of the skin.

The oil of the Jojoba plant is a good, all round body oil it even conditions the hair and is used in many of the top hair dressing salons throughout the world.

A giant in the world of natural remedies

Nature has provided us with the Jojoba Nut

Jojoba nu

The trees of jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis or Simmondsia californica) are nut producing, evergreen forest-type trees.

They resemble small olive trees, but with faintly green broad leaves rather than the olive color of olive leaves.

From a distance, they appear as if they are olive trees.

Jojoba penetrates rapidly into the skin without leaving any trace after rubbing it for a few seconds, i.e., it is not oily.

Over 50% of the jojoba seed is pure oil that can be obtained after cold pressing the jojoba seeds.

The oil is then filtered and doesn't need any further purification.

As pure as pure can be. Jojoba is a renewable oil resource, as the jojoba trees which are long-lived continue to produce every year for several hundred years.

To use jojoba, put a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together.

Apply to any place on your skin or hair and this wonderful natural oil will be absorbed within seconds leaving no greasy stains or marks.

Jojoba is farmed and harvested in Palestine and other muddle eastern countries where drought conditions are normal.

It is a naturally pure oil that may be used ‘as-is’ .

It is a liquid cream without any refining or industrial treatments.

Jojoba oil’s rapid penetration into the skin and its light golden color make it attractive for use in cosmetics.

Jojoba oil has no odor and can accept any perfumic material. J

ojoba is not greasy because it is chemically a liquid wax, and not an oil.

This wonderfull natural oil is also used on the scalp, its properties can assist the scalp in regenerating lost hair folicles and even regain new folicles and also promote healthy lustrous hair. Further details of how this  oil can help with this can be found on this great web site Hair Loss Revolution

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