Tea Tree Oil
a natural treatment for
Toenail fungus or Athletes foot

Australian tea tree

Australian tea tree oil is a powerful piece of nature.

It has been used in its natural form (the bark of the tree) for hundreds of years.

Used all of this tme by the native Aboriginal people of Australia to treat infections, burns and other skin disorders.

Only recently has the oil been extracted and put to use as a natural antiseptic and anti fungal oil and lotion.

This amazingly powerful natural oil is used in its pure form to fight infections of athletes foot with great effect.

Due to its amazing anti fungal / anti bacterial qualities it is used as a natural treatment and cure against toenail fungus with outstanding results.

However, not all types of nail diseases or fungus are the same and each person will, of course react differently as to stages of recovery and time of recovery.

As a natural remedy Tea tree oil is rated to be one of the best.

It can also be used very effectively as a precaution and preventative measure by spraying the insides of shoes, or placing a drop of the oil in a nice relaxing foot soak

Its antiseptic and anti fungal qualities are really astounding.

I always carry one small 1oz bottle in my bathroom bag, especially if i am traveling, i would never be without it.

It always gives off that wonderful fresh, antiseptic smell that just tells you everything is nice and clean and germ free.

Toenail fungus is a fungus which gets between the layers of the toenail and multiplies or breeds therefore it is especially difficult to cure.

To reach the infected layer of nail the antiseptic has to penetrate through layers of nail before it can do its work.

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Many people have completely cured an infection of toenail fungus simply by using this amazingly good healing oil on its own.

We all want

healthy toenails and by using preventative measures we may well avoid the foot fungus.

The natural oil needs to be applied regularly, undiluted and directly on the infected nail.

Results can be quite rapid with the infection getting smaller by the week, until it is eliminated completely.

This wonderful, natural antiseptic oil from Australia is quickly becoming a favorite among people who would rather use natural oils for the treatment of fungal infections.

It is without doubt a very potent skin medicine and should only be used externally and in small amounts in treating a disorder.

As it should only be used externally it should therefore be kept away from the reach of children.

A medicine cabinet or similar cabinet would be a wise choice for storage of this and other medicines.

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