Laser Treatment
a cure for Toenail Fungus

laser surgery on toenail

Laser treatment is now used successfully for many Medical, Optical and Dental solutions and has been (increasingly so) for some years now.

Advances in medical treatment is rapidly surging ahead and new treatments, especially using new technology like the Laser beam is leaping ahead of all conventional treatments.

This painless, clean and quick treatment, without the need for an anesthetic, can kill the fungus that lies buried within the layers of the nail.

It does so by passing a rapidly pulsing beam of measured light through the infected areas, in this case the yellow toenail or the fungus infected toenail

There are no recorded side effects as it is simply an intense beam of light that is directed towards the infection, with pin point accuracy (it is actually more precise than that).

It kills the nail fungus there and then.

This quite recent medical invention is a unique way to implement a toenail fungus cure dead in its tracks, instantly.

The laser treatment can take as little as a half hour, one time only, session, depending of course on the level of infection and the amount of infected or yellow toenails.

Sometimes, with a heavy infection of the nail fungus, the treatment can be spread over two or even three visits. The specialist on site will know and advise as to each individual case.

Some of the technology described here is developed by Nomir Medical Technologies and they have tested out the laser called Noveon on some antibiotic-resistant diseases as well as toenail infections like toenail fungus. Noveon is a type of laser used and adapted to suit all kinds of medical areas, it has been adapted to be used for hair removal, eye surgery and dental work.

It utilizes beams of infra red light on different wave lengths and concentrates the effect onto the area of the body needing treatment.

Take a look at a recent discussion on a popular TV program where the Laser treatment was discussed more deeply. These excellent graphics clearly show how the nail gradually grows out as the new, infection free nail, takes its place.

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During a trial of some Laser equipment on toenail fungus, the results were as such; after approx four treatments using this particular laser the success rate stood at 50%.

Then after a further six months 75% of those tested reported clear nail growth. (Nail growth without infection).

It is clearly a breakthrough in technology, the only apparent downside being the cost of the surgery and the locations of the laser equipment.

The cost being quite high is somewhat restrictive just now, however this should, as the treatment becomes more available and competition keener come down.

Interestingly, from the video, the Doctors talked about preventative measures, this can range from spraying the insides of the shoes with some Tea Tree oil. Or taking time to look after the toenails and feet a little better with a look into ensuring the body gets a good supply of vitamins and nutrients Or we groom and look after our feet and nails a little better to ensure we do continue having healthy toenails.

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