A Toenail Fungus Cure
that works for you

Finding the right toenail fungus cure that works for you can be a pretty daunting task if you do not have all of the right information at hand.

There are, at the last count, about seven different strains of the fungus that buries itself within the folds of our toenails where it grows and multiplies.

This is what happens when the toenail is 'open' to a fungal attack.

There is always a reason we get infected nails.

It is usually through some form of toenail trauma.

  • A bash on the toe or toenail
  • Poor quality shoes that overheat the feet
  • Shoes that are too tight around the toes
  • Poor health in general
  • Poor diet and lack of nutrition

All or any one of the above reasons can leave the toenail open to

toenail fungus

Selecting the right medication for you

There are basically four different types of medication that you can use for toenail fungus cure.

  • Natural Cure
  • Pharmaceutical Cure
  • Cure from manufactured substances
  • Laser treatment

A Natural Cure would be to use some of the elements available within the power of nature to heal the yellow nails.

Herbs, extracted oils or minerals that have evolved naturally.

Some of the more popular natural methods of fungus cure involve the use of;

Tea tree oil
Oregano Oil
Jojoba oil

The above three essential oils are the most popular in this treatment and have gained some success in toenail fungus cure.

A Pharmaceutical cure involves two different methods;

One is by cream or liquid that is applied directly upon the infected nail and the other is by prescription and it is injested,(taken orally).

A fungus cure by using manufactured or distilled products is also avaiable as an over the counter toenail fungus cure.

Apple Cider vinegar is one method that many people would swear by, yet for others it has no effect on the fungus at all.

Another of what i would call manufactured cures is by the use of hydrogen peroxide used directly on the toenail.

Then there is a mixture of water, hydrogen peroxide and apple cider vinegar to be used as a foot soak that will attack and kill the toenail fungus.

Out of all these different minerals and methods of finding a cure that will work for you can be made easier by applying some of the methods in conjunction with each other.

By this i mean attack the infection by as many means as will work for you.

First it is essential that you supply your body with the right minerals and vitamins so that you are prepared to combat the infection.

Then use shoes, sandals, or any other type of

healthy footwear.

Bathe the feet more often in a bath with anti fungal oils or herbs added to it.

Then treat the toenail fungus infection with the natural or pharmeceutical method of your choice as listed above.

Deciding the right treatment to use can be made easier with the help of a professional Podiatrist or Chiropodist who can steer you towards new medicines, treatments and newly developed anti fungal creams or lotions.

They can supply you with good safe advice to help you cure the infection once and for all.

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