Vitamins for toenails

Vitamins for toenails and vitamins for general health are usually one and the same thing, and it shows in our general appearance and our energy levels.

Healthy toenails

If we eat a good balanced diet of nutrient and vitamin rich foods then our skin takes on a nice healthy color and is soft to the touch, the whites of our eyes are clearer and our tongue is clear, pink and clean.

Usually the first two places a doctor will look when checking our health, right?

Our bodies are 70% water so it makes sense that the importance of water to our bodies is about 70%.

It is so important that our bodies stay on the right side of hydration. It affects our whole body all the way down to our beautiful toenails.

Depending on where we live and our daily physical activities, we need to drink sufficient water to maintain a healthy, hydrated state.

Generally speaking this can be around 2 liters per day. Taken over the course of the day.

It is also wise to have a glass of water on the bedside table for that little top when we feel dry during the night.

Water cleans the body internally and flushes away the toxins.

Keeping the whole of the body, the skin, nails and hair hydrated and in good health.

It is the same thing for our toenails and fingernails.

If they are nourished with the right supply of minerals and vitamins for toenails, and are kept well groomed, they will appear naturally beautiful.

A lovely light pink color with a slight sheen to them and no ridges, pitts or any unnatural discoloration.

Healthy toenails should be a nice light pink in color and have a lovely little shine to them.

Our toenails are made up of a protein called Keratin, a strong protein which is also present in our fingernails, our hair, and the outer layer of our skin.

To keep all of these healthy they need nourishment.

Getting the right vitamins for toenails and fingernails and hair is essentially making sure we eat a balanced diet which includes a good supply of protein and iron.

Protein A nutritionist interested in toenail care, or even a Podiatrist would probably guide us towards vegetables and greens which are rich in iron.

A selection of these could be spinach, broccoli, beetroot, greens, lentils, bok choi all have a good iron content.

Fish rich in Omega 3, beans, cereals and parsley are others.

For protein we can eat chicken, turkey, seafood like mackerel or salmon, cheese, beef steak, and others.

The secret is in balancing it all out so that we get a regular supply of not only iron and protein but all of the other essential vitamins too to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Eating the right natural foods is always the best way to intake the vitamins that are needed to keep us healthy.

Vitamins However, we can supplement our diet with a daily supply of vitamin rich tablets.

The vitamins for toenails are vitamins which feed the keratin and are high in protein and rich in vitamin C.

These can be bought from most good health shops and drug stores.

There are different mixtures of vitamins to cater for different peoples needs, so the contents of the pack must be studied to ensure that they hold the right vitamins for you.

With a good supply of vitamins, a balanced diet coupled with good cutting and grooming techniques which you can find in our page on home pedicure we can be assured our feet are in the best possible health.

Our skin holds a natural ph balance.

The levels are graduated form 1 to 14 with 7 being the natural balanced state.

If the balance is upset by a poor diet the ph levels drop and our skins defences are similarly dropped, this in turn renders our skin, our feet and toenails open to any fungal attack or infection of the skin.

Or worse, a fungal attack on the toenails commonly known as

toenail fungus is something we all should try to avoid.

The importance of a good balanced diet can not be overstressed, it keeps the whole body functioning correctly and it shows.

Our body even records its recent health history in the toenails.

You can check this out at our page on nail reading Once we are in good health then the rest is just maintaining it right?
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