What a Chiropodist does

A Chiropodist is the English and European version of a Podiatrist, which is an American term meaning more or less the same.


Both are trained and qualified specialists in these areas having studied all aspects of this profession concerning toenail and foot conditions.

A Chiropodist will hold a professional medical certificate from a nationally or internationally recognized medical institute stating this.

The certificate allows the person qualified in Chiropody or Podiatry to perform treatment to these areas of the foot and nail on members of the public.

That is to open and operate a practice in the care of foot and toenail problems.

A Podiatrist by definition is more involved in the care of the whole foot and toenail conditions.

A Chiropodist by definition would be more involved in care of toenail conditions and all aspects of dealing with foot problems too.

The two words would have you believe they are completely different professions, however, in reality, they offer the same services.

To reafirm both are in fact a specialists in foot and toenail conditions.

The photograph at the top of the page shows Chiropodist at work.

In this instance she is cleaning the dead skin cells which have gathered underneath or below the toenail, a painless and a very necessary part of her job.

The tool the Chiropodist has in her hand and is using is called a 'toenail lifter' or 'toenail scraper'.

If the toenail has been left untreated for some time, these dead skin cells can build up to a state where they place great pressure under the toenail.

It may feel like an ingrown toenail, as the pressure can cause a lot of pain.

The effect being a very sore toe, both to walk on and even at rest.

This condition can often be mis-diagnosed as an ingrown toenail if a layman were to judge.

A professional would know this straight away, saving the bearer a lot of unnecessary work and pain.

A Chiropodist will take care of

chiropodist performing laser surgery

A professional using laser technology against toenail fungus

You can get treatment and advice from you Podiatrist on all things concerning the feet, toes and toenails.

If you are interested in following a career in Chiropody there are several institutes that can accommodate full study courses or study on line or both.

The study does involve practical issues and training in cutting methods, tool use, hygiene and many more issues.

Presently and with the new technology available, performing some of the Podiatrists functions like how to

cure nail fungus is made that much easier and more efficient by the introduction of Laser technology.

You will find some practices have installed the new laser equipment, and are working diligentlt performing toenail fungus cure.

All in all the Foot doctor is a highly skilled individual and is there to help with any foot problems you may have.

They take care of things correctly and in a professional manner and as painlessly as can be possible.

With today's medicine and treatment methods sometimes you would hardly believe there is someone working on your foot problems.

It is well worth investing in a 6 monthly check up just to keep on top of any problems that may arise or prevent any future problems arising.

The sooner a problem of the foot or toe is dealt with then the easier it is to keep good healthy toenails and of course healthy feet too.

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