Nail problems

We can acquire nail problems for a variety of reasons.

What most often has caused the problem can be quite easy to determine.

We have made one page called nail reading to help you understand how our medical history can be recorded on our fingernails and toenails and how to read the embeded signs.

toenail problems

Here you can browse the different conditions of the nail, from black toenails to white or blue toenails and all of the other conditions in between.

What is often the case or the reason for toenails in poor health is trauma (a bad knock or blow to the toenail).

A poor diet can also be a prominent cause whereby insufficient protein or vitamins or nutrients are transmitted to the nails.

See our page on

Vitamins for toenails

Here you can see the importance of having a healthy diet.

Our general health is shown or put on display on our nails from that we can determine the changes we need to get back to good health.

Other reasons for having nail problems can be from poor cutting or trimming techniques which, in turn, can cause an ingrown toenail.

To rectify this toenails should be cut and groomed in the correct manner using good and well advised cutting techniques, you can find information on this by visiting our page on home pedicure

There are many tell tale signs that there is a developing problem in the toenail, it can take on a yellow color, or crack or flake. These are all signs of ill health in the nail and all of these signs should be interpreted and they should also be treated promptly.

In cases like this, when the toenail is in poor health, it is quite often open to a fungal attack and that means the infection must be treated and killed, which can take many months to correct.

Once they have regained good health a little care and attention can ensure you retain healthy toenails goes a long way to keeping them bright and shiny and pink.

Trauma to the nail can lead to a badly bruised, sore and very tender toe, a blue toenail is an obvious sign of a nail in trauma.

This in turn can also lead to loosing the toenail.

In which case the top of the toe or the nail bed must be protected while a new nail grows in its place, also protection for the new nail is needed.

This can be done by attaching padded cotton patches over the new nail whilst it grows.

Care must be taken with washing and cleaning and protecting the toe in these cases and a good Chiropodist or Podiatrist can advise on individual cases.

However good common sense is always a worthwhile path to follow when dealing with nail problems, you can find some top tips and advice in our section on healthy toenails.

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