Only in summer

by JJ

on my right foot, big toenail only, on the tip there is a small part which turns white and you can almost see the nail layers.
this has been happening for some years but only in summer. during the winter - while mostly wearing closed shoes, this doesn't appear, only in (long) summer - when mostly waring open shoes or going barefoot.
would this mean something, and what can i do to prevent/stop it?

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Jul 06, 2016
Only in summer
by: Ian

Hi and thanks for your comment and i can see your concern..It is easy to come to the conclusion that this has something to do with open and closed shoes and the seasons that go along with them has nothing to do with that at all...Your toenails are a composition of, mostly hair...(among other things)The markings on toenails and fingernails too are all about the condition of your body..Marks represent a lack of certain vitamins or minerals...It is your body telling you there is something not right with your food intake. The seasons would also affect your diet, you would eat different foods and take in different vitamins and minerals...

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