Ingrown Toenail Treatment

There are various ways to go about ingrown toenail treatment, depending on the severity of the condition.

It must be determined if it is an ingrown toenail that is giving the toe pain as sometimes it can be foot corns that has grown under the edge of the nail giving the symptoms of an ingrown toenail.

If this is the case then a Chiropodist will be able to remove the corn and relieve the pain.

Sometimes the corn will grow directly under the toenail making it so painful that

toenail removal Is the best option.

Ingrown toenails can be quite painful at times and are best treated when discomfort is first experienced and this can be done from home with a simple nail care kit.

Equipment you may need

  • A clean soft towel
  • Toenail cleaning instrument or lifting tool(as in the photo)
  • Toenail scissors
  • Cotton wool
  • Foot cream. (anti fungal and anti septic)
  • Foot bath bowl (to soften the toenail)
  • Epsom salts or a good foot bath mineral

In the photo you will see a good pair of toenail scissors, toenail scraper/lifting tool and some good foot cream.

By clicking on the photo you will be taken to the foot cream page

Professional Chiropodist Tools

You will need at least these tools for ingrown toenail treatment and to help remove the

toe pain of the ingrown toenail.

First it is best to bathe or

soak your foot in water with some additives like epsom salts or dead sea salt.

This will soften the toenail a little which will relieve the pressure and allow you to cut the toenail more easily.

Medically it is best to have the foot bath water at room temperature as this discourages the spread of fungus or bacteria.

However if the PH value of the skin in neutral ie(7), then the skin is balanced between acidic and alkaline.

This means that the body will bw naturally capable of fighting off any infection.

Therefore it is much more comfortable and relaxing to have the foot bath water slightly warmer.

Add a couple of drops of Tea tree oil or Oregano oil to the foot bath and it will act as a mild antiseptic.

Bathe your feet for around 10 to 15 mins, this allows time for the nail to soften a little and makes the ingrown toenail treatment a little easier.

Possibly less painfull too.

Find a comfortable position for your foot, on a stool or cushion with a soft towel under your heel.

When your nails have softened enough then remove your foot from the water and dry thoroughly, pat dry first then dry under, between and around the toes.

Then, using the cleaning tool,(as shown in the photo) gently run the scraping edge around and slightly under the sides of the nail.

Remove the scraping edge regularly to clean on some tissue.

Toenail scraping tool

Quite often just using this tool alone will relieve the toe pain.

With careful use this cleaning tool removes and cleans all of the dead skin cells that have built up between your ingrown toenail and your skin.

Sometimes this alone can be the cause of the pressure and pain in the toe.

Inserting a small piece of cotton wool under the pressurized part of the nail to 'lift' the toenail a little can alleviate the pain.

You must remember to regularly change the cotton wool to avoid any infection as cotton wool can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

If your toe is still uncomfortable then the next step is to try and remove the part of the nail that is causing the pain with scissors.

Always be aware that you must never break the skin of the toe while cutting your toenails.

Carefully take a small clip from the corner of the nail to try and relieve the pain.

Scrape and clean again.

Apply the foot cream all over and around your toes and toenails to keep them soft.

If there are any problems with blood circulation or you have diabetes then it is always best to use a specialist for any nail cutting or, take advice from your doctor.

A professional Chiropodist or Podiatrist would take great care performing ingrown toenail treatment.

Once the nail has been cut straight and treated, the professional would use a special frame to put over the nail.

This frame acts as a growing guide for the nail and ensures it grows straight. Much the same as a Dentist would place a frame around teeth to ensure correct growth.

This treatment is done over a period of time with regular visits to the

Chiropodist to adjust for nail growth.

A full nail growth takes about 10 to 12 months.

For some advice on keeping your nails in good condition read Top Tips A little time spent keeping your feet and toenails in good condition is time well spent.

Home pedicure set

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