Verruca Treatment

Here we can take a look at the different methods of verruca treatment.

Before we begin i would like to state that a 'home operation' to remove verrucas is not recommended.

It is always best to seek the first hand advice from a professional Podiatrist or a Chiropodist.

However in some cases, with care, attention to detail and hygiene and some good treatment produts.

Verrucas can be treated from home.

A verruca has nerves and blood vessels within it and it should be treated by a Chiropodist or a Doctor as it is a viral infection.

If the plantar wart is cut and starts bleeding it can easily lead to more infections to the carrier.

If the wart is exposed in public places it can be passed on to others.

In saying that, it can be treated from home using some prescription and non prescription creams, natural cures and a little time, patience and attention to cleanliness and hygiene.

After bathing the foot in room temp, mildly antiseptic, water.....dry thoroughly with your own towel.

Using a fresh cotton bud, apply some tea tree oil to the verruca, always using a fresh cotton bud to a new area.

Always keep everything clean and sterile when dealing with this contagious Plantar Wart.

Repeat this operation over the course of a few days, or until the infected area dries up a little.

Gently scrape away the dry skin and apply the Tea Tree again, and keep on doing this until the verruca disappears completely.

It may take a few weeks.

Stop the treatment if it gets sore or tender and make an appointment to visit a Chiropodist or Podiatrist.

Other Verruca treatment can be in the form of 'Freezing' it off.

This should be done by a Chiropodist of course as the 'depth' of the freeze is important.

However with new technology and new products, the freeze method of plantar wart removal is becoming easier to do from home.

The freezing agent which is around -70C has to be used with great care.

It is applied by spraying the infected area through a 'plastic cone' and directly onto the plantar wart.

The spray should just be enough to reach the root of the verruca and no more.

If the spray is too fierce it can destroy the new skin forming below the wart and become more than a little painful.

This spray action then freezes the wart and root, killing it instantly.

The wart will then dry, become detached from the foot and fall off with new, clear skin replacing and covering the old wound.

As they can be frozen off, so they can be burnt off by using Elecrocautery.

This is where an electric current is passed across a needle to heat it up to a temperature that will burn and kill the wart. Cauterizing it.

New laser technology has progressed and is now used for the removal of verrucas too.

They can be removed completely using a pulsed dye laser without damaging any of the surrounding skin tissue.

Sessions can be as little as 1 session only (for the smaller cases)

It is a safe and painless way of removing a verruca.

Creams and ointments can be bought from drug stores, prescription or non prescription are available and advances in medicinal creams have made them very efficient in verruca treatment.

Surgical removal is another option to get rid of the wart.

Done under clinical conditions by a trained and qualified Doctor, Podiatrist or


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