Toenail Clippers

Toenail clippers are becoming more and more popular as a means of keeping toenails well groomed.

Good points;

  • They make it difficult to cut the toenails too short.
  • The toenails are there to protect the toe, the nail should be long enough to only just cover the end of the toe.

  • They are very easy to use.
  • A simple technique of pushing the two blades together cleanly nips off the nail ends, in the same action as a guillotine.

  • They offer the relative safety when it comes to dealing with childrens toenails
  • It can be difficult cutting childrens toenails. sometimes they just won't keep still.

    With toenail clippers there is little danger of making a bad cut.

    Tip, with smaller children cut their toenails whilst they sleep.

  • Handy and easy to keep with all other items in a bathroom/toilet bag.
  • I keep my clippers in my travel or overnight bag as i found that at airport security they will remove and confiscate any nail scissors.

  • Often have a small file attached to soften any remaining sharp edges.
  • This is just another grooming accessory but handy for removing any rough edges.

  • By cutting the toenails straight across they discourage the growth of an ingrown toenail.
  • One of the main contributors of an

    ingrown toenail is from cutting down the sides of the nail. Toenail clippers help prevent this.

  • They are inexpensive and available from most stores.

Long reach toenail clippers

For those of us that have a problem getting close enough to the toenail to be able to cut it, there are extentions for the clippers available.

These extentions fit over the clippers and allow you to clip the toenails without struggling to get closer.

However, to make a good job of a home pedicure it is advisable to let someone help you.

With the foot at rest on a good support like a small stool, and the toenail in clear view, it is much easier for someone else to take care of any clipping or any other nail problems.

You can always return the favour, even make a pedicure hour between the two of you and throw in a nice relaxing and soothing foot soak

What a Chiropodist would use

A Chiropodist or a Podiatrist is a professional person trained in the art of taking care of toenail, toe and foot related problems.

They hold certificates of their medical proficiency in this field.

The instruments and tools they use are not for the average layman however, a Chiropodist or a Podiatrist will always carry a set of clippers along with their other tools.

They may not be the preferred instrument for cutting but they can do the job of cutting a toenail straight across as good as other nail cutters like toenail scissors.

In Conclusion

Toenail clippers are easy to use but you can only use them for clipping the ends of a straight toenail.

This is a good thing as it is one of the reasons a toenail will keep growing straight and not turn inward.

Extentions are available but not advisable as you need to be close up to make a good job of toenail clipping.

They are very handy to have in an overnight travel bag or bathroom bag.

They will not scare children as much as the sight of a pair of toenail scissors would.

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Taking good care
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It's wonderful to see the children taking their first steps

Babys first steps

As first steps are usually barefoot, we have to make sure they don't tread on anything that would damage their tender feet.

Or watch they don't stub their toes on something, it will bring some tears for sure.

We all know how painful it is, at any age.

Taking care of baby's feet and toes is something we just do. As time passes they appreciate the care we give their feet, a little massage while drying after a bath, cutting their toenails and removing the sharp edges.

All the while they are looking, they are learning from us.

So show them the right way so they can take of themselves when the time comes.

Toddler painting mums toenails

If we teach them the right things to do when cutting toenails, and teach them the right way to do it, and explain the reason 'why' it is the right way.

Then when the time comes for them to do it themselves, they will have learned some valuable lessons.

Mum and daughter

In fact we can do a little better than that as we can all have good fun along the way.

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