Athletes foot treatment
at home

Athletes foot treatment from home is generally a simple and straight forward task.

It involves some basic methods of attention to detail with self hygiene.

Always remember when treating any infection that washing your hands first and last is always a good rule to stay with.

Athletes foot is largely due to a lowering of the PH value of the skin.

When the skins PH value is out of balance then the body has difficulty fighting off infections of the skin.

To begin any Athletes foot treatment it is always best to clean and wash the feet first.

Put a couple of drops of any natural antifungal oil or natural cure oil (like tea tree oil or oregano oil) into some clean water warmed to room temperature only.

Wash the feet gently and slowly and allow the water to soften the skin of the feet a little.

See our page on

foot soak for some great foot bath recipes using salts and minerals.

Using a soft clean towel dry the feet, paying attention to the areas under, between and around the toes.

Separate the toes using some cotton wool or even proper toe separators if you have them.

Then using cotton buds apply some atifungal cream to the infected areas.

Toe separators Change the cotton buds every time you treat a new area.

Antifungal cream is widely used to counter infection.

There are many to choose from and most are available without prescription.

Also many natural antifungal oils that work equally well and are excellent for athletes foot treatment and

athletes foot cure

Tea tree oil is probably the most widely known of all of the antifungal oils.

With good reason, it works an it works very well.

It is potent and not to be used on open wounds or sores and it does tend to 'dry' the skin a little but its anti fungal properties can not be denied.

Thyme oil is regularly used and is effective against fungus.

Snakeroot leaf extract, not so commonly used, and not so easy to buy, but has shown some antifungal qualities.

Oregano oil the oil is extracted from the natural herb Oregano, it is a well known essential oil with excellent antifungal properties.

Jojoba oil is my personal favourite as it is readliy absorbed into the skin and doesn't feel oily or leave oily stains.

It fights a fungal infection and moisturises the skin without blocking the pores.

If you are using a natural oil for athletes foot treatment then use it in the same way as you would a cream, remembering to change the cotton bud when a new infected area is being treated.

It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, this is just the antifungal treatment going to work.

It does have a dramatic effect upon the fungus.

Open wounds or sores should only be treated with the advice from your Doctor or Dermatologist.

Once all of the areas have been treated, remove the toe separators and put on a clean loose fitting pair of wool or cotton socks.

Natural fibres are always the best thing to have against the skin, especially the feet.

Perform the athletes foot treatment once every day until the infection has gone.

It generally takes about one week for a small infection to clear.

Heavier infections may take longer and may need the advice and or treatment of a Chiropodist or a Dermatologist.

After clearing the infection it would be wise to continue with some of the foot hygiene tips you have learned, keeping a future re-infection well away.

Remember to always wash your feet daily and always dry under, between and around the toes.

Try and go barefoot more often and allow air to circulate around the feet and between the toes.

Walking barefoot on the beach is a healthy way to defoliate and air your feet, the sea water is a natural deodorant and apart from all of that, it feels great.

Naturally defoliating the feet

Barefoot walk on the beach.

Use natural fibres against the skin instead of man made ones, use leather shoes and open sandals more often, let your feet breathe.

In the evening put a small drop of tea tree oil or oregano oil inside your shoe, they really are great anti fungal agents.

We would normally spend about two thirds of the day in shoes, it makes good sense to make sure they are the right ones.

Quality socks n shoes

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