Athletes Foot Cure

An Athletes foot cure to get rid of the fungal infection takes a little time to prepare and even less time to apply.

There are many antifungal creams and oils that will take care of most of these infections of the foot but there are various degrees of infection and many types of skin to heal.

Most of these creams, powders and oils are really very good but what you need is an athletes foot cure that leaves the skin completely repaired and soft and smooth to the touch.

An athletes foot cure 'naturally'

Some people will prefer an athletes foot cure in the form of a natural cure click the link to take you to our natural cure's page

A few of the leading or more well known herbs/oils i have listed below.

My own personal favourite is Jojoba oil
I think it is the best as it is readilly absorbed into the skin, it does not dry, rather it nourishes the skin.

It has a natural sun factor of 3 and it is not only anti fungal it has antiseptic too.

This oil also heals the wound that may be left after a bad case of athletes foot.

Oregano oil is an oil extracted from the herb Oregano.

It is naturally anti fungal.

It has been used for thousands of years and was the favourite of the ancient Greek warriors while preparing their skin into top condition.

Tea tree oil found and used originally in Australia by the native Aboriginese.

The bark of this tree was used not only as an athletes foot cure but was also used to heal the effects of burns and other skin disorders.

It has excellent anti fungal qualities but for me it tends to dry the skin a little too much.

If left untreated

Athletes foot if left untreated, can rapidly turn from an unpleasant itch into something a lot more serious and requiring some serious treatment from a specialist dermatologist.

It can spread rapidly around and under the toes and in some cases it will cover most of the covered area of the foot.

However these cases are not common and the majority of these infections are cleared without any real problems.

So if you think you have contracted an infection there is no need to worry as an athletes foot cure is readilly available and, contrary to what is commonly believed, Athletes foot is not contagious.

Athletes foot causes

Athletes foot causes come from two seperate situations.

  • 1. The skin has lost its natural protection (the natural PH level is out of balance) and is 'open' to a fungal attack.
  • 2. This (un protected) skin is presented in a place where fungus is present. ie warm, damp places like public shower rooms, locker rooms or similar.

Why the PH level of skin so important

We are open to contracting the foot fungus when our skin has lost some or all of its natural protection.

Our skin is naturally protected from all kinds of infections this is when our PH balance is neutral. (not alkaline or acidic but balanced between the two).

PH (potential of hydrogen) is measured from 0 th 14. The neutral point or the balanced point being 7.

An easy way to check the ph value of the skin is to buy some ph test paper strips from the local pharmacy.

By wetting the paper strip with your saliva or urine the PH value is immediately shown by a color change on the paper, refer to the color chart that is supplied with the paper and there you have your PH value.

Any reading that gives you a number below the neutral 7 is acidic and, of course, if you have a color that gives you a number between 7 and 14 then it is alkaline.

If it is not balanced our skin is open to infection from the spores of the fungus. These fungal spores that cause athletes foot are present in damp and warm conditions.

This is why most people associate contracting athletes foot from public swimming pools or shower rooms and think they have caught it from other people.

The two conditions must be present to contract Athletes foot, ie unbalanced PH of the skin means little or no natural skin protection and warm, moist conditions in which the fungus spores live and breed.

An athletes foot cure will clear the infection but you must also take care of the ph value of your skin and bring it back into a balanced state to remain free of the infection.

Cure Athletes foot.

Now we know the causes, an athletes foot cure becomes logical and simple.

First i would sugest a good, anti fungal foot soak

This will clean and kill a lot of the fungus spores around the whole of the foot, including around the toes.

It is also relaxing and a nice treat for tired feet.

A click on the link above will take you to some good foot bath recipies.

Then remove your foot from the bath and pat dry it thoroughly with a clean fresh towel. Make sure your foot is dry.

Apply the anti fungal oil, cream or powder of your choice to the infected areas and gently massage it in.

Wash and dry your hands.

These steps should be taken daily to cure athletes foot.

We must now take care of the skin's PH value.

Ways to restore your skins PH can be done by:

Soap can seriously effect your PH, even wash it away so use a PH neutral soap for washing in future.

Change your diet to a more healthy and vitamin enriched diet and stay away from acidic food and drink.

Drink enough fresh water to keep your body hydrated and clean.

Check you skins PH level more frequently as described above.

Furthermore, if your skin's PH is out of balance then take care to dry your feet correctly after using public wash or shower rooms.

Even wear protective shower shoes for these areas.

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