Athletes foot causes

Athletes foot causes great damage to our skin and makes life rather unpleasent for our feet too.

Here we look at the many ways the fungus is attracted to the skin on our feet.

Athletes foot is a foot fungus and the official Latin name for it is Tinea Pedis.

The dictionary describes fungus as single-celled or multinucleate organisms that live by decomposing and absorbing the organic material in which they grow.

That is exactly how it is.

The picture below is not exactly how athletes foot will look on the skin however a fungus is a fungus.

The picture is just to demonstrate that.

Foot fungus

Now that we are used to that ugly word describing a foot condition, we can visualise exactly what it is.

Knowing what it is we can easily understand athletes foot causes and of course find an

Athletes foot cure

Conditions favourable to Foot fungus

As any fungus, it has spores, this particular type is no different.

It thrives in the conditions where any other fungus would thrive and grow.

These are areas anywhere, for example, on the side of a house, on a log in a forest, between the toes of your feet.

These are the conditions athletes foot or tinea pedis thrives in;

  • Warm
  • Damp
  • Dark
  • Unventilated

It will keep on growing so long as the conditions are there to support it and allow it to grow.

Take away these conditions and the spores will not die but possibly lie dormant for quite some time.

The foot fungus will have to be treated to kill the spores.

Treatment can be with Natural Anti fungal or Pharmaceutical products as great results can be had with many products on the market today.

Check out some of these pages on Natural anti fungal products;

Jojoba Oil
Tea tree oil
Oregano oil

Washing the feet regularly with Pine soap or even a good anti fungal foot soak would be beneficial in curing and preventing the infection.

Athletes foot causes

Athletes foot is non contagious, it does not pass from one person to another therefore the 'Athletes foot causes' are not from other pepole who are infected with tinea pedis.

The reason we catch this fungus is that our skin has lost its natural defences (the ph is unbalanced) and we have exposed the skin in an area where fungus would thrive (a warm damp area).

PH or 'Potential of Hydrogen' has been given a range of between 0 and 14. With 7 being the balance that keeps our skin good.

With a PH value of over 7 it means we have an Alkaline condition and the loss of our skins natural protection.

With this we are now open to a Fungal attack, given the right conditions which are, damp, warm, dark.)

The PH value below 7 is more Acidic and bacteria do not like this condition and it is not a place fungus will grow in.

We have been led to believe that 'swimming pools' are where we get it from other people. Wrong.

The chlorine in the water and in some cases just the water itself is enough to take away the natural acidity in our skin which makes our skin Alkaline, or open to a fungal attack.

The PH value of the soap we choose can unbalance the PH value of the skin, choose a soap that is neutral.

There are so many reasons for an unbalanced ph value it will be impossible to list them all but to give you some idea we have made this small list;

  • Medication (antibiotics, or other prescribed drugs)
  • Soaps, especially bars of soap
  • Chlorine foot bath
  • General poor health

To find out ph values of soaps etc you can purchese PH test strips from the pharmacy, showing you instantly the correct ph value.

Preventative measures

Keep the skin in a balanced ph value state.

Treat the skin and enhance its good condition with good quality ph neutral foot cream Wash feet regularly with ph neutral soap.

Dry the feet under, between and around the toes, especially the little one.

Use a foot powder if the foot is prone to sweat.

Clean socks at least avery day.

Wear open sandals or go barefoot whenever you can.

A walk on a sandy beach will defoliate between the toes and sea water is a natural deodorant.

Use shoes made of leather or natural products that are well ventilated.

These are all athletes foot causes and with them out of the picture we can remain foot fungus free.

Taking care of our feet pays off in the long run, it is wonderful to have healthy feet and

healthy toenails

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